OFSC Secretary/Treasurer

Neil Nicholson is a grass roots member of the organized snowmobiling community and has participated at all levels of snowmobiling from local club to District to Provincial. It all began in 2007 when Neil bought a used sled from a cottage friend.  Once he recovered from the punishing ride of an older Ski-Doo Mach Z, Neil bought a brand new 2007 Ski-Doo MXZ from his local dealer and has been an avid snowmobiler ever since.  What Neil learned very quickly from volunteering at the club level was the incredible amount of work and dedication it took from the volunteers to establish trails, manage landowners’ relationships and to run the business of a club.  Neil has attended OFSC AGM for the last 10 years and has witnessed firsthand how organized snowmobiling has changed and continues to be challenged today.  As Framework for Change (FFC) was first being presented, Neil’s club recognized that they had to evolve, and he volunteered to be a representative at the District Board table.  From his humble beginnings as a volunteer that helped build trail, Neil has been an active participant within his District by participating on the FFC Implementation Committee, to becoming the District Treasurer that has guided his District through the implementation of MOTS, to finally being asked to participate as a member of the OFSC Provincial Finance Committee.

Neil is the current CEO and part owner of Powerhouse Controls, an international industrial controls firm.  He has found that the experience he’s gained through his volunteer leadership roles have assisted him in becoming a better leader in business and has fine tuned his problem solving skills which have enabled Neil to make a positive contribution as a volunteer throughout many levels of organized snowmobiling.

Neil wants to strike a balance between the needs of the OFSC with those of the organizations charged with delivering our outstanding product to the masses – the Districts, Clubs and Volunteers.  It is imperative that financial decisions be made at the provincial level that are transparent, are fair to all parties, and will be successful in sustaining organized snowmobiling into the next decade.

Neil Nicholson