OFSC 1st Vice President

Pat Dubreuil has owned his own snowmobile since he was 12 years old, and at age 13 began going on long Northern Ontario rides with men twice his age. He loves the freedom, outdoors adventure, thrill that snowmobiling provides and was part of a team that raced in the 2,500-kilometre Challenge Kanada from Sault Ste Marie to Quebec City over 7 days without using groomed trails.

Fully bilingual, Pat got involved with organized snowmobiling after acquiring Pat’s Resto and Motel Bienvenue in Dubreuilville in 1994 and has volunteered for his local club, the Dubreuilville Alouettes, as treasurer, operations director and VP, groomer operator and marketer among other roles. He was also involved in the development of the popular, but now defunct Superior Snow Challenge Loop. Pat presently owns Dubreuilville’s Magpie Relay Motel and Resort, which caters to snowmobilers and other power sports enthusiasts.

As an entrepreneur, businessman and consultant with expertise in mining forestry and tourism, Pat now brings his energy, enthusiasm and unique Northern Ontario perspective to the OFSC, following his election as District 13 governor in June 2016. In his spare time, Pat also serves as a director for Nickel Basin, a financial lending agency for FedNor, and is also a member of the Dubreuilville Economic Development Corporation.

As an OFSC 1st Vice President, Pat would like  to see more collaboration throughout Ontario snowmobiling and to achieve the objectives of More On The Snow. He lives by the “pay it forward” philosophy and is married with two children aged 16 and 12 – and yes, Dubreuilville is named after his family!