Classroom Training

Operating a snowmobile has opened up new opportunities for family recreation during the winter months. The increased popularity of the activity emphasizes the need for the safe operation of these motorized snow vehicles. Driver training courses are available in select communities across the province.

The Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s Course covers safe operating procedures, legal requirements, first aid and much more so that students can develop good habits and skills to be safe and courteous snowmobile operators.

Students must be at least 12 years of age in order to receive a Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s License.

Online Driver Training Update

We are working closely with the Ministry of Transportation on the development of a new online driver training program. This program will complement the current in-class training and is scheduled to be available for the 2019-20 snowmobile season. Its intent is to reach more future riders in a more efficient and effective way while providing the information necessary to operating a snowmobile safely.

Click here to read the latest announcement from the Province of Ontario.


How do I replace my Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator's License?

Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator Name and/or Address Change/Replacement License Form

Please complete form and submit to the OFSC (details provided on form).

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