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Notice for a legally compliant snowmobiler to access a recreational Ontario Prescribed Snowmobile Trail is provided through Trail Status Reports as last known to the applicable snowmobile club and illustrated in the online Interactive Trail Guide (ITG).

AvailableTrail Status - AvailableThe identified route is accessible with the understanding that the trail will likely vary considerably in quality, attributes and terrain over it’s length.
Limited Availability
Trail Status - LimitedAccess to the identified route is limited with marginal riding opportunities, snowmobilers enter with the understanding that they should exercise extreme care and reduce speed.
UnavailableTrail Status - UnavailableThe route is not available at this time, access is prohibited and anyone entering the property may be trespassing.

*Trail Status Reports provide notice of trail route accessibility, the reports are not an assurance of trail quality. Snowmobilers are reminded that snowmobiling occurs in a wilderness, non-engineered environment and the condition of the trail can significantly change over the course of a day due to climate, traffic, and other conditions. Snowmobilers access trail routes at their own risk and are reminded to exercise caution at all times. Although a trail may have been last identified as available or with limited availability, when in doubt, do not enter the trail.


Contact your local district office for a copy of this year’s District Trail Guide.