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Don’t have your sled yet? Looking to give a permit as a gift?

Purchase a gift card today and lock in the lowest permit fee of the season without a VIN!

Buy your Gift Card today! Available September 1st!

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OFSC Gift Card Fees September 1st to November 1st

OFSC Seasonal Gift Card
Classic Gift Card Fees


Do Gift Cards qualify for the Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus offer?

Yes. All Gift Cards purchased during the month of September 2020 are eligible for the $50 bonus  ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 16, 2021 and the purchaser signs  up for Rider Advantage. All Gift cards purchased during the month of October 2020 (and including November 1st) are  eligible for the $25 bonus ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 16,  2021 and the purchaser signs up for Rider Advantage.

Where can I purchase a permit gift card?

Permit Gift Cards can be purchased online only. The web address will be published in early September.

What permits are available with the gift card?

Full season permits including Seasonal and Classic are available through the permit gift card program.

What do I require to purchase a permit gift card?

To purchase a gift card, you will require:

  1. A valid email address
  2. An account at
  3. The full name & postal code of the intended recipient
  4. A valid credit card

Who can purchase a permit gift card?

The great news is anybody can purchase a permit gift card as a gift or for themselves, the registered owner of the machine.

How do the fees on permit gift cards work?

The fee for the permit gift card will be the same as the cost of the permit at the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase your permit before November 2nd, the fees are $190 + $7.50 processing for Seasonal permits and $150 + $7.50 processing for Classic permits. You can redeem the gift card at any point before May 30, 2020 for a permit.

How are the permit gift cards redeemed?

The recipient of the gift card can redeem through his/her online permit account. The last name and postal code on the account must match the last name and postal code entered when the gift card was purchased.

Do permit gift cards expire?

Permit Gift Cards purchased for the 2021 season will expire on May 31st, 2021.

Will I receive a physical card to gift as a gift?

Gift cards will be included in the order confirmation email once your order is processed. These can be printed or emailed to the recipient.

Do I still need a permit if I purchase a permit gift card?

Yes, the Permit Gift Card IS NOT an Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit and must be redeemed for a permit to legally access OFSC Prescribed Trails.


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