For your personal safety and that of your passenger, it’s imperative that you know and understand all of the information available on this site and Ontario’s Motorized Snow Vehicles Act prior to operating a snowmobile or accessing a recreational OFSC Prescribed Trail. When accessing a recreational OFSC Prescribed Trail, you accept an assumption of risk and the conditions of release and waiver of liability.

Notice for a legally compliant snowmobiler to access a recreational OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail is provided through trail status reports known to the applicable Snowmobile Club and illustrated in the online Interactive Trail Guide. This is Ontario’s only province-wide snowmobile trail reference tool which provides real-time trail status information, on trail accessible services, fuel and other points of interest.


Trail Status Reports provide notice of trail route accessibility, the reports are not an assurance of trail quality. Snowmobilers are reminded that snowmobiling occurs in a wilderness, non-engineered environment and the condition of the trail can significantly change over the course of a day due to climate, traffic, and other conditions. Snowmobilers access trail routes at their own risk and are reminded to exercise caution at all times. Although a trail may have been last identified as available or with limited availability, when in doubt, do not enter the trail.

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