OFSC Announces Landowner Appreciation Week March 21-27

Celebrating 18,000 Landowners Who Support Snowmobile Trails Across Ontario

(Barrie, ON: March 21, 2022) – The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is celebrating a “neighbours helping neighbours” partnership tradition that began more than 50 years ago. From March 21-27, OFSC Landowner Appreciation Week 2022 recognizes our community-minded landowners across Ontario. These generous landowners come from all walks of life, including thousands of farmers, and home or cottage owners, as well as private companies, municipalities, conservation authorities and others. Each voluntarily contributes to recreational snowmobiling and the well-being of their hometowns by donating the use of a portion of their private property for an OFSC Prescribed Trail during the winter months. OFSC trails on their land provide snowmobilers with safe and legal places to ride, while connecting hundreds of rural communities on the snow.

“Our landowner partnerships foster substantial local economic and social opportunities each winter.” Ryan Eickmeier, OFSC CEO. “A provincial trail network is simply not possible without the support of our generous landowners. We appreciate their contribution every day and on behalf of all the riders who enjoy our trails each year, we are pleased to celebrate it province-wide during Landowner Appreciation Week.”

Many snowmobile clubs show their heartfelt gratitude to these landowners for the use of private property during the past winter with various recognition events and appreciation gifts. For Landowner Appreciation Week 2022, the OFSC is enhancing these club activities with gift cards made possible by Landowner Appreciation Program supporters, especially BRPGO!, our Platinum Sponsor. Bronze sponsors include The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP), Desjardins Insurance, and Zoomer Media. The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) has also contributed through its external grants program.

The OFSC is also reaching out to increase awareness of the importance of our landowners among snowmobilers and the general public. Through our partner, Skywords Media, the OFSC is broadcasting our landowner recognition PSA on more than 70 participating radio stations during Landowner Appreciation Week. A social media campaign will also promote the occasion throughout the snowmobile community.

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That’s 18,000 “Thank You’s” To Landowners For Your Incredible Support!



The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is a volunteer led, not for profit association that provides the voice for organized snowmobiling in Ontario. OFSC snowmobile trails managed by 200 community based, member clubs generate up to $3.3 billion in economic activity in the province each year.

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OFSC Member Clubs Approve New Strategic Plan

Setting The Stage For the Successful Future of Organized Recreational Snowmobiling in Ontario

(Barrie, ON: March 3, 2022) – Last night, the membership of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) approved a new strategic plan. The new plan received a strong majority vote from member snowmobile clubs during a special meeting. More than 200 voting and non-voting Club representatives from across Ontario attended, even though most of these volunteers are still heavily involved in trail operations.

“We succeed when our members succeed, so I’m pleased and proud that through our democratic process, my fellow volunteers have approved our next strategic plan as a united path forward,” said Murray Baker, OFSC President.

Strategic Plan 2022-25 is the culmination of input and feedback received from thousands of club volunteers across the province. It focuses on re-engaging and supporting member clubs and is built with a deliberate priority to solidify and secure the foundation of this non-profit organization.

The plan’s theme, “Recognizing our Past, Supporting our Present, Sustaining our Future” is a nod to the rich history of the OFSC and celebrates those who built our trail network across the province. It is also a commitment to support those who have picked up the torch and carry it today. And, it is a pledge to coming generations who will continue to deliver Ontario’s premier winter tourism activity.

“I first want to thank our member clubs for contributing so much to this plan,” stated Ryan Eickmeier, OFSC CEO. “This is a critical juncture for organized recreational snowmobiling in Ontario, and their input has helped produce clear and concise direction for our federation. My staff and I, alongside the volunteers on the OFSC Board of Directors, now have the privilege of getting to work on achieving these goals.”

In 1967, 10 clubs united to form a volunteer-led, not-for-profit association of clubs they named the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC). Its purpose was to act as the unified voice for member clubs and provide provincial leadership for snowmobile trails in Ontario. As its name indicates, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs works on behalf of its member organizations. Strategic Plan 2022-25 provides the next step in fulfilling this important role.

The plan contains four core goals, each with their own specific deliverables and success metrics. It was designed to be ambitious yet achievable, with clear and measurable outcomes that can be easily communicated throughout our federation. Most importantly, the plan will produce immediate supports for our grassroots, the volunteers who make the impossible happen each and every year. The plan relies on our biggest strength – our people – and the collective will to continuously improve and seek positive and constructive advancement in all aspects of what we do. The successful completion of this strategic plan will set the stage for the future of this association, and ensure organized recreational snowmobiling continues to thrive in Ontario by delivering exceptional OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trails and rider experiences throughout the province.

To view the 2022-25 Strategic Plan, please click here.


The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is a volunteer led, not for profit association that provides the voice for organized snowmobiling in Ontario. OFSC snowmobile trails managed by 200 community based, member clubs generate up to $3.3 billion in economic activity in the province each year.

For questions or to schedule a media interview with the OFSC, please contact Lisa Stackhouse at: [email protected]

OFSC Issues Urgent Appeal To Save Our Trails

Snowmobile Trails, A Unique Winter Asset Benefitting All Ontarians

(Barrie, ON – January 24, 2022): For more than 50 years, community-minded landowners have partnered with volunteers in local snowmobile clubs to provide their area with recreational snowmobile trails. This rural tradition has created many economic, recreational, social, and health benefits to enhance the winter well-being of hometowns and their residents across the province.

With over 50% of trails now available for recreational riding, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is celebrating these unique and enduring relationships, and the incredible trail network of 30,000 kilometres of OFSC Prescribed Trails we’ve built together, about 60% of which are located on private property. Today, the OFSC is issuing a special call to action: Let’s work together to Save Our Trails.

The OFSC Save Our Trails campaign reminds everyone how valuable OFSC trails are to snowmobilers, to landowners, and to all Ontarians, while recognizing that Illegal off-trail riding is becoming a challenge that requires our united action. Trespassing on private land is not only harmful to longstanding landowner relationships. It also causes serious land access issues for member snowmobile clubs in many areas, while threatening the winter livelihoods of many rural and northern communities. Save Our Trails asks Ontario snowmobilers to take personal and collective action against trespass by:

  • Always staying on the designated OFSC trail and never riding a closed trail.
  • Respecting landowner rights and property.
  • Refusing to ride with friends who trespass.
  • Reminding new participants why it’s important to stay on the trail.
  • Spreading the message across personal social media outlets.
  • Supporting OFSC advocacy for stronger anti-trespass enforcement and legislation.

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OFSC Calls For Snowmobile Safety On Every Trail Ride

Recreational Trail Riders Encouraged To Make Smart Choices, Ride With Care & Control

International Snowmobile Safety Week, January 15 to 23

Key Points:

  • Ride responsibly for your own safety and for the safety those who share the trails with you.
  • Trail safety message especially important for participants new to organized snowmobiling.
  • Recreational OFSC trails are statistically the safest place to ride a snowmobile.
  • No snowmobile fatalities reported to date this season on OFSC trails.

(Barrie, ON – January 13, 2022): The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) joins the North American snowmobile community and our Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) partners in celebrating the 2022 snowmobile season with International Snowmobile Safety Week, January 15 to 23. The OFSC is the non-profit, volunteer-driven association that oversees organized snowmobile trails in Ontario.

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BRP GO! Navigation App Is A Go for The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

OFSC Trails Set To Launch on BRP GO!

(Barrie, ON: November 12, 2021) – The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is pleased to announce that the OFSC will share trail data on the BRP GO! navigation app for the 2021-22 season.

This new agreement enables the consistent and timely delivery of authorized Ontario trail availability information and data on BRP GO! App users will view this information in real-time as it appears on the OFSC Go Snowmobiling app, mirroring the Interactive Trail Guide (ITG) from December 1 to the end of each snowmobile season.

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New Campaign Invites Ontario Snowmobilers To Take The Pledge This Winter

(Barrie, ON – November 8, 2021) – With winter fast approaching, thousands of Ontario sledders are answering an appeal from the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) to join a groundswell movement to protect recreational OFSC snowmobile trails on private property, land access and landowners. This action will also help ensure that OFSC trails generate an economic impact of up to $3.3 Billion to assist Ontario’s economic recovery this season.

The OFSC request to snowmobilers supports the Take The Pledge social media campaign launched by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) throughout North America late last week. In an accompanying video, renown ambassadors and influencers from all snowmobile brands speak directly to their peers about only riding where it’s legal to do so.


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