OFSC Governor

Since 1989, Garnet has been enjoying the beautiful groomed snowmobiling trails that Ontario offers each winter. Shortly after, Garnet started volunteering with the Sault Trailblazers as Trail Coordinator and Club Signage Coordinator. His most memorable time from his early volunteering days was finding trails to replace riding along roads and highways.

20 years ago, Garnet made the leap to volunteering at a provincial level and played an integral role in the development of the new signage policies and procedures and this remains one of his greatest experiences as a provincial volunteer.

In his role as Governor, Garnet is open to listening to all sides and is not afraid to state his opinion even if it differs from the majority. He is committed and dedicated to the task at hand and enjoys seeing things through to completion.

Garnet donates all his volunteer time to the sport we all love and when he’s not busy volunteering, you can catch him out on the trails during the winter or eagerly awaiting winter during the summer months.