OFSC Governor

With 20 years of trail riding experience in Ontario, Gilbert considers himself rather new to the sport of snowmobiling, though he takes his volunteer leadership role with the OFSC very seriously and is also actively involved with his local club in Timmins, Ontario.

As a business owner, Gilbert brings a wealth of insight and experience in long term planning and organizational development to the board table. His skills are complimented by his unwavering commitment to keeping volunteers of all ages engaged, active and influential in the sustainability and growth of snowmobiling across the province.

His first role provincially was as operations director in 2008. Although he accepted the role with some apprehension he continues to appreciate and welcome the knowledge he gains, which can be used to support his district and member clubs. Gilbert’s standout moment as a governor includes the implementation of Framework for Change, which he believes was the “saving grace” to snowmobiling in Ontario.

Gilbert will continue to focus on improving the quality of the trails made available to riders as well as the growth in participation of Ontario snowmobiling.

Gilbert Fortin