OFSC 1st Vice President

From the earliest days I can remember, we had snowmobiles.   My first sled of my very own was a 1972 Elan 250.   My Dad was a volunteer.   He, in fact, was one of the founding members of The Twin Mountain Club in District 2.    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, because some how I ended up with a volunteer’s heart and as an adult, I became involved in organized snowmobiling and the OFSC in my new home of Holland Landing, and District 4.

I was very active at the club level, secretary and then President, and that led to positions at the grooming association (Treasurer and VP) and then the District, where I was the Alt Ops Director and then the President and Governor.   I held the President/Gov position for 7 years and then was elected into the role of 2nd VP in 2017.

I know where my strengths lie, and I know exactly where I need to ask for help or clarification.   I feel like I am Joe or “Josie” Snowmobiler.   I have a Provincial focus and I have ridden many times in 15 of the 16 Districts.  The only District I haven’t ridden in is District 17 and my dream is to do that one day.  So, provincially, I think I have a good grasp on a lot of the challenges that we face including some of the more local area driven issues.

I am a born negotiator and mediator.  I am approachable, and I know how to listen.  Most people like me and I bring a lot of “common sense” to the table.   I feel like I am a constant reminder that we are volunteers and am very cognisant of the amount of time and pressure that a volunteer run organization puts on it’s members.    In the current mix of our elected Excom, we have a fabulous new team.   I am so excited to see how the next few years play out and I’m quite inspired at the direction and focus the Board has as your leadership team.