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To legally access available OFSC Snowmobile Trails, Ontario law requires snowmobilers are required to purchase an Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit. Full Seasonal Permits for sleds from model years 2000 or newer are available and valid for the duration of the winter from date of purchase. For sleds from model years 1999 or older, Classic Permits are available and valid for the duration of the winter from date of purchase.

For shorter term access to OFSC Snowmobile Trails, Multi Day Permits are also available for a minimum of 2 consecutive days and valid only for the dates selected, with the option to upgrade to a full season at any time during the winter. The upgrade from a multi-day permit to a full season permit applies a credit from your most recently expired multi-day permit.

Permit Fees after December 1st (December 2nd onwards)


2021 Season

When are permits available for purchase?

Permits will be available online at on September 1st, 2020

What are the permit fees for the 2021 Ontario Snowmobile Season?

PERMIT TYPEDate of PurchaseFee*Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus**
Seasonal & Gift CardsSept 1 – Sept 30

Oct 1- Nov 1

Nov 2-Dec1

Dec 2 Onwards





$50 bonus applied to your 2022 permit account

$25 bonus applied to your 2022 permit account



Classic & Gift CardsSept 1 – Sept 30

Oct 1- Nov 1

Nov 2-Dec1

Dec 2 Onwards





$50 bonus applied to your 2022 permit account

$25 bonus applied to your 2022 permit account



*Classic Permit for snowmobiles with a model year of 1999 and earlier (based on registration and ownership).

What is the Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus and how do I take advantage of it?

We’re doing what we can to help reassure snowmobilers and provide some certainty in  uncertain times. Thus, the OFSC is also providing a one‐time “confidence bonus” for snowmobilers who sign up for the Rider Advantage Program at the time of early permit  purchase.

If a Provincewide closure occurs before February 16, 2021, the OFSC will provide a bonus to your permit account as partial payment towards a 2022 Seasonal or Classic Trail Permit. Snowmobilers who sign up for Rider Advantage this September, between the 1st & 30th, will qualify for a bonus of $50. For those signing up for Rider Advantage from October 1 to November 1 (inclusive), the bonus is $25. Gift Cards purchased in the same periods are eligible for the bonus ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 16, 2021 and the purchaser signs up for Rider Advantage when redeeming their gift card for a permit.

What happens if I don’t buy my permit and sign up for benefits until the season starts?

You won’t qualify for the confidence bonus and will make it even more difficult for clubs to afford  getting trails ready this fall. Permits will be available throughout the season but only permit purchases between September 1st and November 1st (inclusive) are eligible for the Rider  Advantage Confidence Bonus and only if the option is selected at the time of purchase.

What happens if I don’t select the Rider Advantage offer at the time of my permit purchase?

To qualify for the Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus, you must select this option at the time of  permit purchase. The offer is only available for purchases made between September 1st and  November 1st (inclusive).

Do Gift Cards qualify for the Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus offer?

Yes. All Gift Cards purchased during the month of September 2020 are eligible for the $50 bonus  ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 15, 2021 and the purchaser signs  up for Rider Advantage.  All Gift cards purchased during the month of October 2020 (and including November 1st) are  eligible for the $25 bonus ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 15, 2021 and the purchaser signs up for Rider Advantage

What happens if there is a second wave of COVID‐19 this winter?

That’s a very broad question that even the world’s best experts can’t answer with yet. The OFSC  is ready to move within the challenging landscape pertaining to COVID‐19 to ensure riders can still safely enjoy the trails available based on the latest guidelines from Public Health. All we can  do is work with what we are being told today by the experts and in the event of a second wave  of COVID‐19, develop plans to shift focus to regional and local riding opportunities wherever  possible. We will always remind riders to adhere to the latest guidelines set by the government  and will communicate the impact to snowmobiling activities as any changes arise.

When will trails open this winter?

As always, Mother Nature ultimately answers this question, and that’s why trail openings  normally vary from winter to winter as well as region by region. But the OFSC addresses what it can control by making sure trails typically are made available once the volunteers have ensured  that all land‐use permissions are in place, any trail work has been completed, and trails have  been inspected during the fall. Once winter starts, we make sure that the ground is sufficiently  frozen and snow‐covered for safe operation of groomers. Riders should always keep an eye on  the online Interactive Trail Guide (ITG) at for trail availability or obtain information  from local club volunteers before riding.

Is there any compensation for last year’s early trail closure due to COVID‐19?

No, as with other Ministry of Transportation fees, those for Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits  are non‐refundable, in whole or in part. On March 21st, a date only a couple of weeks away from the usual trail closing due spring thaw, the OFSC made the responsible decision to close any  remaining available trails on the provincial trail network in adherence with Ontario’s declared  state of emergency and Public Health guideline

Can I get a refund for my Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit?

No. Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits are non‐refundable.


What information will I need to purchase a permit online?

  • A device (computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone) with access to the internet.
  • A valid email address.
  • Permits can only be purchased by the registered owner of the snowmobile and in order to do so, registered owners are required to set up their own account in the online permit system.
  • Valid VIN and vehicle registration numbers are required to complete the permit transaction.

What payment options are available to purchase my permit online?

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Prepaid Visa (must be equal to or more value to the amount of your total transaction as only one payment type per transaction will be accepted)
  • Mastercard
  • Discover Card

Your online transaction is secure and safe and we do not store credit card information once the transaction is complete.

Why can I no longer buy my permit at my club or local dealer?

Buying your permit online offers you improved flexibility on when and where you buy and enhanced security of your personal and financial information. Additionally, buying online reduces the workload for our volunteers and ensures snowmobile clubs have access to the monies they require to provide exceptional riding and club experiences all season long!

How do I support my local club with my permit purchase?

‘Buy Where You Ride’ means that as a snowmobiler, you should purchase your trail permit from the club whose trails you ride most often. When buying online, you can easily select your local club by accessing the Club Locator.

Can I get a refund for my permit purchase?

Ontario Trails Permits are subject to the regulations under the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act (MSVA) and trail permit purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable (some exceptions apply, refer to transfer process).

How do I know if my sled qualifies for a Classic Permit?

The membership at AGM 2014 made the recommendation that eligibility for a Classic Permit be fixed on the 1999 model year and not any particular number of years (i.e. 15, 20, 25) as per previous practice. The motion was passed and the recommendation was accepted by MTO and implemented accordingly. If the membership wish to revise their decision, they must do so as part of the MTO Permit Fee Recommendation process for future seasons with corresponding approval provided by MTO.

As a side note, when the Classic was originally introduced for the 2010 snowmobile season, 15 year old snowmobiles were extremely unreliable and rarely traveled very far or got much use. As we approached the far more reliable 4-stroke and 2-stroke machines of the 2000s, it was apparent to the membership that if they didn’t address the eligibility issue, we would have modern, reliable and frequently used snowmobiles using the Classic Permit. Such use defies the original intent of the permit which was a discount for machines which would only be used infrequently. This permit was designed similar in nature to Historical license plates on a car, something you would operate on a very limited basis and not your daily driver


How long until my permit arrives in the mail?

We process and ship permit orders as promptly as possible however delivery times can vary greatly depending on demand at the time of purchase. Peak order times are between the middle of October and the end of November when delivery times can be as much as 30 days. We will endeavor to keep you informed of likely delays at the time of purchase and of course we will do very our best to get your permit to you before the snow arrives.

Seasonal and Classic permit orders from December 2 onwards are processed and delivered within one to two weeks but you will receive a temporary permit via email which is valid for the two weeks or until your permit arrives in the mail, whichever takes place first.

Multi-Day permits are delivered directly to your inbox once your order is processed and must be printed and displayed on your sled in compliance with the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act.

Your permit will be sent per the address you provided and contained in your order confirmation email, if you have not received your permit within the period specified in your order confirmation please contact please contact us at: [email protected]

What if my permit is lost in the mail?

If you selected the standard shipping option and the permit fails to arrive at the shipping address within 4 weeks, you can request a replacement permit for a $15 fee. The OFSC can only issue a replacement permit after you file a report for the lost permit to police – this is required by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. The OFSC will require the police report number, the name of the officer who took the report and the name of the officer’s police service.

If you selected the tracked shipping or US tracked shipping option and the permit fails to arrive at the shipping address within 4 weeks, please contact us at [email protected]

What if my permit arrives damaged?

If your permit is sufficiently damaged in-transit to render it unusable, the OFSC can provide a replacement permit once the damaged permit or photo of the damaged permit (which must include the number portion) is returned to the OFSC. The cost to replace a damaged permit is $15 plus shipping.


When can a permit be transferred legally?

Permit transfers are only permitted in the following situations:

  1. You are selling (or have otherwise transferred the ownership of) your snowmobile to another person along with the unexpired current season permit (Seasonal or Classic only) or you have purchased a snowmobile with an unexpired current season permit (Seasonal or Classic only).
  2. You are replacing your snowmobile and would like to transfer the unexpired current season permit (Seasonal or Classic only) to your new snowmobile.

How can I transfer my permit?

To initiate the permit transfer process:

  1. Log in to your permit account.
  2. Select the registered sled you wish to transfer.
  3. Click the green button ‘Transfer Vehicle”
  4. Complete the steps to transfer your sled.

Please note you will require the following information to complete the transfer:

  • Full name, address and contact information to whom the original permit is registered
  • Snowmobile make, model, year, license # and vehicle identification number (VIN) to which the original permit is registered
  • Physical evidence of the damaged/destroyed existing permit (if necessary) including at least the portion carrying the complete permit number
  • Payment of the current fee for the administration of the process (2020-21 Season fee $15.00)

For a transfer to a new owner, you will also require:

  • Full name, address and contact information for the new owner
  • Please note the new owner will be required to complete the relevant application forms (available December 2nd, 2020) to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions in respect of the permit and use of the trails

For a transfer to a new snowmobile, you will also require:

  • Make, model, year, license # and VIN for the new snowmobile

Can I purchase an Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit for my Snow Bike, ATV, Side by Side, Dirt Bike or Argo?

The short answer is no, in accordance with the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act of Ontario (MSVA), only vehicles designed, manufactured and registered with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) as “motorized snow vehicles” are eligible to apply for an Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

How does the MSVA define a “motorized snow vehicle”?

The MSVA states that a  “motorized snow vehicle” means a self-propelled vehicle designed to be driven primarily on snow; (“motoneige”).

How does the MSVA determine that a vehicle meets the definition of a “motorized snow vehicle”?

Section 21. (1) of the MSVA includes a requirement for new vehicles sold as MSV’s to display a National Safety Mark, that the Transport Canada and/or Snowmobile Safety Certification Committee (SSCC) sticker display on all vehicles sold as motorized snow vehicles in Canada.

Vehicle shall bear National Safety Mark

21. (1) No person who deals in motorized snow vehicles or cutters designed to be drawn by motorized snow vehicles shall sell or offer to sell a new motorized snow vehicle or cutter manufactured after the date this section comes into force that does not conform to the standards required under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada), or that does not bear the National Safety Mark referred to therein. R.S.O. 1990, c. M.44, s. 21 (1).

Section 1201 of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act (federal legislation) requires each snowmobile sold in Canada to comply with the requirements developed by the Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee, Inc. (SSCC) a North American non-profit association that has developed safety standards for the manufacture and certification of snowmobiles.

1201. (1) Every snowmobile shall be constructed so that it con-forms to the requirements set out in the following standards:

(a) the Safety Standards for Snowmobile Product Certification, SSCC/11, published by the Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee,

To determine if a vehicle is eligible to be classified as a snowmobile, it must meet the Safety Standards for Snowmobile Product Certification, SSCC/11 as referenced in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety legislation, These certification standards include a variety of snowmobile-related safety equipment which must be installed on a new vehicle ranging from emergency kill switches to vehicle weight and minimum stopping distances. A vehicle certified as a Motorized Snow Vehicle for the purpose of registration with the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario must display the certification mark displayed on page 27 of the SSCC/11 certification document.


How do I redeem my gift card?

Login to your account and proceed through the purchase process.  In the Checkout section you will see a list of your purchases.  Click on the large green “Redeem Gift Card” button and enter the gift card redemption code.

Do Gift Cards qualify for the Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus offer?

Yes. All Gift Cards purchased during the month of September 2020 are eligible for the $50 bonus  ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 16, 2021 and the purchaser signs  up for Rider Advantage. All Gift cards purchased during the month of October 2020 (and including November 1st) are  eligible for the $25 bonus ONLY if the gift card is redeemed for a permit before February 16,  2021 and the purchaser signs up for Rider Advantage.

Where can I purchase a permit gift card?

Permit Gift Cards can be purchased on-line only at https://permits.ofsc.on,ca. New this year, you’ll need to login to your account to purchase the Gift Card(s).

What permits are available with the gift card?

Full season permits including Seasonal and Classic are available through the permit gift card program.

What do I require to purchase a permit gift card?

To purchase a gift card, you will require:

  1. A valid email address
  2. An OFSC account at
  3. The last name & postal code of the intended recipient
  4. A valid credit card

Who can purchase a permit gift card?

The great news is anybody can purchase a permit gift card as a gift or for themselves, the registered owner of the machine. You will require an account on the permit system to purchase.

How do the fees on permit gift cards work?

The fee for the permit gift card will be the same as the cost of the permit at the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase your permit before November 2nd, the fees are $190 + $7.50 processing for Seasonal permits and $150 + $7.50 processing for Classic permits. You can redeem the gift card at any point before May 30, 2021 for a permit.

How are the permit gift cards redeemed?

The recipient of the gift card can redeem through his/her online permit account. The last name and postal code on the account must be the recipients last name and postal code as entered at the time of purchase.

Do permit gift cards expire?

Permit Gift Cards purchased for the 2020 season will expire on May 31st, 2021.

Will I receive a physical card to gift as a gift?

Gift cards will be included in the order confirmation email once your order is processed. These can be printed or emailed to the recipient.

Do I still need a permit if I purchase a permit gift card?

Yes, the Permit Gift Card IS NOT an Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit and must be redeemed for a permit to legally access OFSC Prescribed Trails.


Read our FAQs or contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 705-739-7669