A Longtime and Proud Volunteer

Dorothy, a longtime lover of snowmobiling, is a proud volunteer with the Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers. Dorothy was first introduced to snowmobiling at the age of 13, when Santa gifted her and her brother an Alouette snowmobile – that’s the sled with square wheels! Fast forward some years down the road, Dorothy has raised her kids to join her in her passion and always made sure to have a sled for the entire family. Between snowmobiling and dirt bikes, she had her hands full with powersports year-round. As her kids grew, and had kids of their own, the decades long love of snowmobiling continues to be a family passion, you could even say it is in their DNA. Dorothy’s oldest grandson used to visit his Grandma for trail rides, and even lent a hand by clearing the trails after a bad ice storm. Dorothy wholeheartedly believes that as a family, snowmobiling is something that everyone can do together and despite the costs, it’s worth the investment for making long lasting memories.

As a club volunteer, Dorothy, was elected to the club Board in May as the Facility Coordinator for the club’s groomer maintenance facility. In her position, she keeps an eye on fuel levels for the groomers, propane levels for the building, and general maintenance. She also takes on the responsibility of handling paper maps for the club, advertisers, and working with the graphic designer and distribution vendors. With her legal background, she was also able to assist the club understand recent legislative changes for not for profits in Ontario, no small task. Being on the Board has been a new experience that Dorothy enjoys and hopes that one day she can also get involved at the District level.

Dorothy also enjoyed spearheading the first Santa Claus parade in Maynooth after the pandemic, with a great float (replicating a snowmobile trail) and lots of volunteer participation. Her 5 year old granddaughter, son, daughter-in-law and hubby Dennis, who is also a club volunteer, also joined them on the float and everyone had so much fun showcasing their club and encouraging others to get involved.

She has made countless friends within the club and is honored to be a part of it all. While she doesn’t help clear trails anymore, Dorothy is sometimes surprised to receive messages from fellow volunteers that the job has already been completed. This is a testament to the type of volunteers we have all over the province – real go getters. After 6 years of volunteering, Dorothy can truly say that it is not just a seasonal initiative. Getting trails ready to go is a full-time effort, which includes trail prep, infrastructure, planning, administration, and execution. Some projects can take a long time to complete so Dorothy urges permit buyers to be patient with the Clubs as they do everything in their power to deliver trails.


Outside of Volunteering, Dorothy held the position of Deputy Mayor for Hasting Highlands from 2018-22, (Council until 2021 and then Deputy Mayor for the balance of the term) and had to put snowmobile volunteering on hold during this time. Like many, she likes to keep busy and has a hard time saying no! Her passion for the community and snowmobiling have brought her to where she is today. If there is one thing Dorothy could share, it is that she hopes that riders remember that volunteers are real people. They purchase permits, they put their own time into preparing a trail, and they make certain sacrifices so that others can enjoy snowmobiling. But it is also a very fulfilling and rewarding experience and she encourages all permit buyers to give volunteering a try – every moment matters!

Photos and content provided by: Dorothy G.


Is It Your Time To Volunteer?

Ready to experience volunteering first-hand? Many hands make more less work and finding your local club is easier than you think! To start with, click YES at the time of permit purchase when asked about your interest in volunteering. If you want to reach out directly, simply search them on Facebook or online to get started. And if you can’t find your club, contact your district office and they’ll help you find the perfect club to match your interests and skills. Let’s get started on making a positive impact together!


Calling All Volunteers

Calling all OFSC Club, District and provincial volunteers! If you want to share your volunteering journey, we’d love to hear from you. We believe that every volunteer has a unique perspective and story to tell, and we want to help you share it with others who may be considering volunteering in the near future.

Plus as an undisputed Hero of Winter, it’s a good story to share! If you have 30 minutes to spare for a virtual interview, please reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!