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Helmet Safety Light

We’ve all been there. Suddenly, the rider ahead disappears in snow dust, becomes less visible in the late afternoon dusk, or can’t be seen at all after dark. Not being able to follow the sled ahead on the trail is not only scary for you and everyone behind you, it may also cause riders in your group to get separated from each other. But most of all, it just plain isn’t safe.

Now, thanks to the Biteharder Snowmobile Helmet Safety Light, you’ll never again lose sight of the person ahead in any trail riding conditions. Whether you’re very experienced or a total newbie, you’ll ride safer, with more confidence and enjoy your trail riding more, with Biteharder Snowmobile Helmet Safety Lights. Want to know more? View real use photos & review.

The Biteharder Snowmobile Helmet Safety Light is inexpensive, high quality, easy to install and comes in a variety of colours. Its super bright LED technology provides up to 200 lumens of light, so the back of your helmet literally shines like the sun. Best of all, you and your family or riding companions can get free shipping through the OFSC Rider Advantage program!

Check out this helpful video from Sledaddicz.


Carbide & Stud Sharpener

Carbides and studs are indispensable traction products for enhancing rider safety, confidence and comfort on the trails. When your carbides and studs are new, they optimize sled performance, handling, control, and grip on icy surfaces.

But traction products lose their edge or sharpness over time thanks to wear and tear contact with rocks, bare spots, pavement crossings, gas station asphalt, and even the cement floor in your own garage. Typically, this degrading process happens gradually over many miles and often goes unnoticed, until one day you realize your sled’s not reacting as it used to. At that point, it’s not as safe to ride as it once was either.

Sure you can buy new carbides and replace all your studs. But why go to all that unnecessary expense and work when you can simply resharpen them while they’re still on your sled? In fact, why even wait until they’re dull, when BITEHARDER Carbide & Stud Sharpeners can always keep them as good as new?

BITEHARDER Carbide & Stud Sharpeners are fast and easy to use with a cordless drill. Not only do they provide the sharpest edge and points possible on every ride, they also save you money by extending the life of your traction products. BITEHARDER even has a portable 12-Volt Carbide Grinder that runs off your sled battery that’s small enough to be stowed in your on-sled tool kit for use on tour.

With patented AdvantEdge™ Technology, BITEHARDER delivers all the performance your snowmobile has to offer for your safest ride on snow! Check out this review and save receive FREE SHIPPING on your BITEHARDER Carbide & Stud Sharpeners today by purchasing through the OFSC Rider Advantage program.