Supporting snowmobile trails, safety and infrastructure projects.

What is Catch The Ace?

Catch the Ace is a progressive raffle lottery. Participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a weekly prize plus a chance to win a progressive (cumulative) jackpot.

When are the weekly winners selected?

The deadline to play is 11:59 PM EST every Monday.

Draws are 9:00 AM EST every Tuesday.

How is the lottery played?

Playing is easy!  To get your tickets:

  • go to
  • selecting a new card from a standard deck of 52 playing cards
  • choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase
  • complete the purchase process

Full Rules of Play, FAQs and a list of Winners can be found at

Where do funds go?

Funds raised from the Go Snowmobiling Ontario Catch the Ace (GSOCTA) will support safety programs and safety-related trail and infrastructure improvements to ensure families from all snowmobile communities have safe and enjoyable riding experiences.

So not only do you get a chance to win, all monies raised support the one thing we all love the most – Ontario Snowmobiling!

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