OFSC Provides Fall Communications Recap For Snowmobilers

All the OFSC News You Need To Know (To Date) To Be Ride Ready This Winter!

(Barrie, ON – November 12, 2020): Since August, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has shared a ton of information through our website, Facebook page and newsletters. Our communications focused on evolving developments affecting trail riding for this winter, in addition to news about the early permit sales program.

Now, with growing anticipation among new and returning snowmobilers to hit the snow, a brief recap and progress reminder about trail developments may be helpful to put everything that’s happening in context as we get closer to winter. We hope this update will also answer any questions those who may have missed our regular communications still might have.

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OFSC Ride Planning & Trail Navigation Tools for 2021 Season


Multiple Wayfinding Choices for New, Returning and Current Riders

What’s Included:
• Interactive Trail Guide Goes Live Today
• Go Snowmobiling Apps Available December 1
• District Trail Guide Availability

(Barrie. ON; October 29, 2020) – As part of its Trails To Ride 2021 plan to deliver the best possible riding experience this winter, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is providing an update on ride planning and trail navigation tools. These include the Interactive Trail Guide, Go Snowmobiling App, TrakMaps for Garmin GPS, and district trail guides.

The OFSC expects its digital planning and navigation tools to be increasingly valuable to snowmobilers this winter, and to be especially helpful for the many new riders expected on the trails. These wayfinding platforms are updated regularly throughout the season to show current trail availability, a feature not possible with printed guides.

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OFSC Updates Snowmobilers On Flex Trails & Recent Pandemic Developments

Flex Trails Provide Permit Buyers With Many Opportunities To Hit The Snow This Winter

What’s Included:
Trails To Ride 2021 Plan Components
• Pandemic & OFSC Trails
• Flex Trails & How They Work
• Looking Ahead to Winter

(Barrie, ON: October 22, 2020) – In prior releases, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) announced and updated its comprehensive Trails To Ride 2021 plan, focused on working through these challenging times to deliver the best possible trail riding experiences on as many trails as possible this winter with the cooperation of all snowmobilers.

Components of OFSC Plan: As previously reported, Trails To Ride 2021 includes several flexible, complimentary and integrated strategies for province-wide trail preparations, groomer fleet operations, and permit sales, plus pandemic response for the health and safety of volunteers, snowmobilers, landowners and snowbelt communities and enhanced communications with all stakeholders. The OFSC pandemic response includes Flex Trails (see below) to provide permit holders with as many alternative trail riding opportunities as possible if needed during these uncertain times.

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OFSC Update On Groomer Investment for 2021 Season

Trail Consistency Is Top Priority For All Available Trails

By The Numbers:
• $3.8M grooming investment
• 10 New groomers and 12 new grooming drags
• 19 Refurbished groomers
• 4 Standby grooming units

(Barrie, ON: October 22, 2020) – The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is pleased to provide a progress update on its grooming capability for the coming season, funded by a $3.8 million investment from permit revenues. In conjunction with its Trails To Ride 2021 plan, the OFSC’s comprehensive provincial fleet management strategy focuses on optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of one of the world’s largest trail groomer fleets with 300 units.

New Groomers: With this investment, the OFSC has purchased 10 new groomers for use on the snow this winter. For example, 3 new groomers are assigned to different sections of the RAP Tour to keep up with high traffic demands. Three others are allocated to different sections of the TOP A Trail from North Bay to Cochrane. In addition, the OFSC has purchased 10 new drags.

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OFSC Health & Safety Plan Protects Volunteers, Landowners, Communities & Riders

Careful Riding Behaviours Help Keep Trails Available to Ride All Winter

(Barrie, ON: October 8, 2020) – Under its Trails To Ride 2021 action plan, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has created new strategies to ensure the health and safety of everyone working on, riding on or depending on OFSC trails. These actions will also protect the snowbelt communities, hospitality providers and residents that serve OFSC trails. To accomplish this and in cooperation with snowbelt public health units, the OFSC has developed the most progressive pandemic response plan among Canadian trail user groups as a part of Trails To Ride 2021.

“Delivering the best possible trail riding experience this winter depends on everyone residing along our trails feeling safe to welcome visitors this winter.” said CEO Landon French. “The OFSC takes this responsibility very seriously and is asking snowmobilers to respect the health and safety of our host communities, landowners and trail accessible services.”

The OFSC health & safety initiative includes helping OFSC districts, clubs and volunteers to work smart and safe throughout this fall and winter. At the end of September, the OFSC provided member organizations with a comprehensive COVID-19 Best Practices resources developed in partnership with Workplace Safety North to ensure all trail work is proactively conducted following the latest protocols.

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Last Chance for Lowest Permit Fee of the Season

Buy Now To Save Plus Get $25 Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus

(Barrie, ON: October 1, 2020) – The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) remains very optimistic about delivering the best possible trail riding experience this winter with its Trails To Ride 2021 plan. So it’s all systems go with pre-season preparations – and we’re reminding snowmobilers who haven’t already done so to join us in launching the 2021 snowmobile season by buying your Snowmobile Trail Permit now. Purchasing in October provides buyers with both the lowest permit fee and your last chance for a Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus.

“We’d like to thank everyone who purchased their permit in September to take advantage of our best offer of the season,” said CEO Landon French. “There’s still time to take advantage of a $25 Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus and to support our volunteers, clubs, districts and staff in making Trails To Ride 2021 a reality.”

2021 Snowmobile Trail Permits are available for purchase online at www.ofsc.on.ca along with all the early buying details to qualify for the $25 Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus. For snowmobilers waiting on their new sleds, no VIN is required to purchase an OFSC Gift Card, which locks in the October fee and Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus now, and can be redeemed for a permit after your sled is delivered.

More OFSC strategy announcements regarding the health and safety of its members, volunteers, landowners and permit buyers will follow shortly.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is a volunteer led not for profit association that provides the voice for organized snowmobiling in the Province of Ontario. The snowmobile trails managed by 200 community based, member organizations, generate up to $3.3 billion in economic activity across the province each year.