2022 CCSO Award Recipient

2022 Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations Award Recipient

We are very proud to announce that an OFSC volunteer had been nominated, and WON a CCSO Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Tourism Promotion and Development.

The recipient of this award may be a tourism operator, or not-for-profit agency, association or organization, which has shown outstanding innovation and achievement in the development and implementation of a snowmobile tourism program or original initiative that, has resulted in positive media recognition or increased participation from snowmobilers and/or non-snowmobilers. The net result is to have been a contribution to increasing the image and exposure of snowmobiling and the growth of the sport in that area, region, province or territory. In so doing, the recipient must have demonstrated a willingness to work closely with members of the organized snowmobiling community.

Pascal Roy has been volunteering for almost 20 years. He has been involved in developing and promoting snowmobiler tourism for the entirety of his volunteer stint. Pascal is not only a sledder and volunteer, but he is a landowner as well. This makes Pascal one of the key players in the conjunction and continuous use for the Recreational trails in Prescott and Russel. He works hard to help maintain his club in good standing with the local municipalities and county to promote and maintain snowmobiling for Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club. Being a landowner allows Pascal to engage with the local community, using his eloquent verbiage to gently teach those around him how snowmobiling is a major community asset.

In the last few years, when the United Counties of Prescott Russell suddenly shut down, approx. 100 kms of main trails, Pascal jumped into action to determine the issues and engaged with his political connections to figure out next steps and gaining the lost trails back.


  • Took at least two weeks off of work to deal with the closed rail line issues
  • Kept in contact touch with United Counties of Prescott Russell, UCSR, Eastern Ontario S.C, VIA Rail, City of Clarence Rockland, Larose Forest Management
  • Joined the United Counties of Prescott Russell
  • Gave many TV, radio and newspaper interviews

If all of this did not happen, the rail line would not have been saved and EOSC would have been cut off from Ontario tourists.

The above initiative gave Pascal an opportunity to show his political contacts and the Prescott Russell community just how much snowmobiling does for the local community. The saving of the almost 100kms of trail allowed the continuation of both local and non-local snowmobilers.

Being a landowner, Pascal has been delivering his speeches in an enthusiastic tone which has successfully locked in new riders, and contacts alike.

It is because of Pascal’s connections and continuous hard work with the United County Prescott Russell that his connections at UCPR produced and released a formal advertisement to promote snowmobiling in Eastern Ontario. This video was an excellent tool in communicating the benefits of recreational organized snowmobiling in Ontario.

Once again, congratulations Pascal, on your well deserved CCSO award!

To see the CCSO video, go to 2022 CCSO Awards on Vimeo

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