Couples Who Ride Together, Stay Together

As a couple who ride together, we enjoy the beauty of being out on our trails taking in what the OFSC has to offer. 

After a long 25 years, we decided to get back into snowmobiling in December of 2020. We made a plan to purchase one snowmobile to use to make sure that we still loved the sport before fully committing. Needless to say, we LOVED it. We jumped in full force and ended up purchasing our second snowmobile in 2021. Being able to leave from home on our local OFSC trails and ride for hours has been a life saver for my husband and I. You’d never think that being on a snowmobile in the middle of nowhere would be so peaceful, but it truly is. Taking in the sights of heavy snow on the trees and coming across many different wildlife is something I’d recommend everyone should experience at least once.  

For us, getting back into snowmobiling has helped to keep our minds busy, and we really believe it has also helped us save our sanity. We lost our son in February of 2021; enjoying what life has to offer together as a couple has been lifesaving.  

My personal favorite is how we start each journey – on the same tight trail with snow covered trees hanging over us, and my husband in front of me putting his arms over his helmet making a heart shape to tell me he loves me. Now that’s love! 

A couple who rides together, stays together! 


Story and Photos Provided By: Christine B.