Safety Partner – iGRIP


Over the years, users of iGRiP studs have experienced the difference that their studs makes in traction of their snowmobile.

Recognized worldwide, iGRiP Industries develops, manufactures, and provides the best screw-on studs in traction aids since 2015, right here in Canada.

In any given winter, it is not uncommon to see patches of ice forming, especially in curves and at road intersections. In such conditions, iGRiP studs will play an exemplary role in keeping your snowmobile on the right track.

Made from hardened steel, coated with zinc and equipped with a carbide tungsten, iGRiP studs will resist the worst stress of winter conditions and will increase the lifespan of your track avoiding premature or excessive wear.

Installation is quick and simple. The iGRiP studs are significantly lighter than traditional studs, thereby reducing rotating mass for optimal performance. In addition, the casters will remain intact and no vibration will be felt.

The patented iGRiP studs are exceptionally user-friendly. Their sets come in different quantities and include installation instructions and tools. These studs are installed easily on new or used tracks and adapts to the track with pre-drilled holes or not.

You can get iGrip studs at participating snowmobile dealers, at distributor locations listed on their website at or by visiting their online store at

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