Safety Partner – Ultimax Belts By Timken


As high tech as today’s snowmobiles are, a broken drive belt can bring your sled to a dead stop, often in the middle of a trail ride and at an inconvenient time or unsafe place.

Many factors can cause belt failure, starting with buying a cheap one or the wrong size belt for your sled. Other contributing factors include incorrect installation, not breaking in your new belt properly, not warming up a cold engine and belt before departing, or trying to take off when your track’s frozen in place. Damage can also happen to your belt when towing anything heavy like another sled, an ice hut or a loaded caboose. So for safety’s sake, carry a spare belt and the necessary tools to change one.

These are all good reasons to inspect your belt before each ride, to replace old or worn belts immediately, and to go with a top quality, dependable brand name like Ultimax. Durable Ultimax Snowmobile Belts can not only boost your sled’s performance, their proven reliability also enhances the enjoyment and safety of your trail riding.

As a leading manufacturer specializing exclusively in drive belt technology, Ultimax provides the info you need to find the right Ultimax belt part number for any brand of sled, and helpful tips like the video above for optimum belt life. So get your Ultimax belt before the snow flies!

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