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Click here to visit the Interactive Trail Guide

The interactive trail guide is a great place to plan your snowmobile outing. Select POIs or trail services to find out where to stay, where to eat and what to see!

Please read the following first to understand how to use the interactive trail guide...

The Interactive Trail Status Report Guide uses colour-coded trail graphics instead of text. This visual representation is much more user friendly, and at a glance allows you to find the status of the trail you'd like to ride as well as the ability to view all OFSC Prescribed Trails and plan your route using POIs to find your stops along the way.

Attention: In addition to trail status, your decision to enter any available OFSC trail must be based on other determining factors at the time of your ride, including weather conditions, visibility, natural hazards, storm or other damage and the conditions of both you and your sled. Read More>>


Ramp Up Your Excitement With Eight Awesome Tour Loops - Each loop delivers a unique snowmobiling adventure. Share the thrills with friends and family. Each of the tour loops can be viewed on the Interactive Trail Guide and provides you with POIs at a glance, such as fuel, food, accommodations etc, to help you plan your trip. 

Select the tour below for more information.

D01 FrenchConnection
The French Connection

D2 BonEcho Loop
Bon Echo Tour Loop

Rap Tour Loop

Ride the 8

D12 moose
Cartier Moose Loop
D12 wolf loop
Chiniguchi Wolf Loop
D14 GoldRushTourLoop
Gold Rush Tour Loop
Abitibi Canyon Tour