Dear Snowmobilers,

The last few weeks have presented confusing misinformation regarding trail access for some areas of the provincial system.

Land Use Permission agreements are secured by Clubs and Districts; this was again reconfirmed at the latest Board of Governors meeting in January. In some of the affected areas, access to the trails is dependent on the District and Club securing the necessary Land Use Permission (LUP) from the owners of the subject properties. Wherever an LUP has not yet been renewed or granted by the landowner, the trails remain closed. The OFSC has always and continues to consult with and assist Districts and Clubs to ensure key land use agreements do not result in personal liability exposure for our valuable volunteers.

Contrary to claims on various social media platforms, THERE HAS BEEN NO CHANGE to the OFSC insurance coverage in 20 years. Any information stating our coverage has been altered is false. The truth is, some clubs have recently, through a review process, discovered they have entered into agreements which expose them to liability activities completely unrelated to snowmobile trail operations.

The OFSC does not wish to see any volunteer exposed to such risk.

We strongly encourage our valued permit holders to stay updated and receive correct information through their Club and District board members. We remain optimistic that many of the current LUP challenges will be successfully resolved.

OFSC Executive Committee

Questions about local land use permission and access can be directed to your District Office. Contact information for districts can be found here: