Must-Watch Respect Landowners Video

OFSC clubs are the front line of contact with our landowners. These landowners give clubs permission for snowmobile-only, winter-only, OFSC Prescribed Trails on their private property for our recreational enjoyment. That permission is a privilege to be cherished, not a right to be taken for granted. Every snowmobile trail rider should be grateful for and respectful of the generosity of our landowners, but it seems that increasingly, that’s not always the case. In fact, both Muskoka Snow Trails and Blue Mountain Snowdrifters posted dire warnings this week about bad rider behaviour on their trails.

It’s not often that we snowmobilers have the opportunity to hear what landowners have to say and that’s why we’re sharing this grassroots video with you. It’s from a frustrated landowner, who also happens to be an avid snowmobiler. He speaks from the heart about what many landowners are thinking and feeling about snowmobilers and the disrespectful way too many of us treat them today.

So we are asking for your help to reach as many snowmobilers as possible. Please watch his video yourself and show it to any snowmobilers in your immediate family, then spread its message far and wide by sharing it with every snowmobiler you know.

We realize that change doesn’t happen overnight and that there are serious measures that also need to be taken. But sharing this video is one simple, small step forward we can all take together to help improve landowner relations – it’s the very least we can do to show them our appreciation and help keep snowmobile trails open!

Watch by clicking here.